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What are the best Podcasts about consulting ?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousWhat are the best Podcasts about consulting ?
Paul Bernard asked 2 years ago
1 Answers
Paul Bernard answered 2 years ago

Here are some great Podcasts about Consulting you should check out:

  1. Climb in Consulting” by Nick Synnott, listen to it if you\’re interested in hearing advice, tips and strategies from leaders in the consulting field,
  2. The Strategy Skills Podcast”, a channel where strategy partners teach you the tools and techniques to problem solving. You can learn the skills of McKinsey and BCG consultants without having to work at a consulting firm. 
  3. Unleashed” by Will Bachman, where you can hear about long-form interviews with successful top-tier independent management consultants.
  4. The Business of Authority” by Rochelle Moulton & Jonathan Starka, where you can find lively blend of insights, practical tips and interviews with intriguing thought leaders.
  5. Consulting Success” by Michael Zipursky, where you will find great interviews with high-performing successful consultants.
  6. The Consulting Pipeline Podcast” by Philip Morgan, where you can learn how to become a highly paid, in-demand specialist.
  7. Firms Consulting”, where you can learn strategy, operations, case skills etc., from ex-BCG, McKinsey et al partners.

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